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Brake Configurations and Options

Mounting Easily Customized
  • Optional Custom Bores
    • Thru Shaft
    • Metric Bores
    • Tapered Shafts
    • Stepped Shafts
    • Splined Shafts
  • Encoder Mounting - External For Easy Access
  • Proximity Switch / Brake Release
  • Foot Mounted Designs
  • Glass Sight Gauge Optional
Foot Mounted Brakes
Foot Mounted Brakes

Electro Shear® Model 8727 - Foot Mounted Bracket Installations

Thru Shaft Brakes
Installation step

Electro Shear® Brakes Can Accommodate Thru Shafts For Encoder Mounting

Encoder Brakes
Installation step

Electro Shear® Can Be Provided With Integral Shaft Extension For Encoder Mounting

Foot Mounted Brakes
Installation step

Midwest Brake® Provides Custom Bracket Designs

Double C Face Brakes
Installation step
Gear Box Mounted Brakes
Installation step

Electro Shear® Model 8725 - 25 Ton Overhead Hoist Installation