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Brake & Clutch Relining and Remanufacturing

Midwest Brake is the leader in the relining and remanufacturing of industrial clutch and brake linings, plates, shoes and brake bands. Since 1950, Midwest Brake has serviced the nations leading manufacturing, stamping, forging and machine tool manufacturers with superior relining and bonding products and services.

Our attention to detail and commitment to quality has set us apart from our competitors. We have developed a reputation with our customers of unequaled service, consistency and dependability.

Service Benefits
Superior Bonding Technology
Quick Turnaround
Inspection Services

Typically, most clutch and brake cores are easily relined and used again. Instead of discarding your old cores, simply send them to Midwest Brake where the old friction material is removed and new friction material will be bonded with a high quality thermal adhesive.

In most cases, relining a part costs less than 20% of the price of a new part. If the part has excess wear on the gear teeth or is somehow damaged beyond repair, Midwest Brake will make a thorough inspection of the part and inform the customer immediately of the poor condition.

General Bonding / Processing Capabilities
1. Inspection of Used Part
industrial bonding

Wear on all surfaces and gear teeth are checked and inspected. Parts are checked for cracks and structural integrity of the part.

2. Removal of Old Lining
industrial bonding

State of the art industrial debonding ovens are utilized to burn off used lining, adhesives, grease and oil. Fast and safe, your part is ready to be cleaned and prepared for bonding.

3. Cleaning and Surface Preparation
industrial bonding

Cleaning and preparing the surface of your part is one of the most important steps to achieving a proper, high quality bond. Stringent procedures and processing techniques must be adhered to. Surfaces are mechanically abraded and degreased to produce a high quality bond.

4. Bond New Lining
industrial bonding

New friction material is coated with a high quality thermal adhesive. Proper cycle time, pressure and temperature is applied to complete a proper bond. Midwest Brake utilizes state of the art bonding presses and equipment to monitor the process, which produces a high quality, consistent bond.

5. Machining
industrial bonding

Midwest Brake will machine clutch plates, friction pads and other parts to an overall thickness or radius upon request. Clutch plates are machined to +/- .002 parallel allowing for better surface contact, thus increasing the life and performance of the clutch or brake.

6. Inspection and Documentation
industrial bonding

A strict quality control process is followed and every procedure is documented and checked during the processing of your part. Parts are given a final inspection, stamped, labeled and carefully packaged for shipping.