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Clutch/Brake Repair

Midwest Brake offers complete clutch/brake repair and rebuilds for all styles of mechanical clutches and brakes. We offer fast, reliable rebuild and repair services and can offer installation start up assistance, technical support and inspections of your equipment.

Additionally, Midwest Brake offers factory certified rebuilds for the Midwest Brake designed Press Pac® clutches and brakes, Som Pac® clutch/brakes, and Electro Shear® brakes and any Midwest Brake, Sommer or Wean McKay drive. We can inspect, disassemble, repair and rebuild the unit with OEM manufactured parts. A Midwest Brake factory certified rebuild will restore the unit to a like new condition, complete with a one year factory warranty.
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Since we are an authorized distributor for Eaton Airflex®, we have a stock of OEM supplied parts and can easily rebuild clutches and brakes.

Fast teardown and disassembly
Complete inspection
OEM repair parts in stock
One year warranty
Fully tested and pressure checked
Factory support available - installation and check out.
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