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Custom Bonded Assemblies

custom bonded assemblies

Custom Bonded Assemblies

bonded brake bands

Bonded Brake Bands

bonded clutch assemblies

Bonded Clutch Assemblies

steel welded  plates

Steel Welded Plates

cast iron plate

Cast Iron Plate

large diameter plates

large Diameter Plates

Midwest Brake manufactures complete bonded assemblies including bonded clutch plates, brake plates, brake bands, shoes, friction liners, integrally molded parts, brake pads, cones, crane shoes and many others.

If your part requires multiple processes to finish complete, Midwest Brake is your one stop shop for finished parts. Rather than outsource your part to several vendors, let Midwest Brake manage the manufacture of your entire part. Typical parts need gear cutting, welding, machining, stress relieving and other processes that take time and expend valuable resources.

Midwest Brake has a complete staff of engineering, purchasing and logistics personnel skilled in handling the details of multiple process orders. Not only do we manufacture and machine these parts in our facility, but we have a network of machine shops and processing facilities here in Metro Detroit that are experienced with fabrications and processing of these types of parts.

Bonded Brake Band Assemblies

We can manufacture brake bands complete to your specifications, prints or samples. We work with cast iron, ductile iron, rolled steel and welded assemblies.

Superior Brake Bands
  • OEM supplier of new brake bands
  • Finished assemblies
  • Entire Bands - Including pins and clevis arrangement
  • Fabrications or cast iron
Bonded Clutch Plate Assemblies

We are a valued supplier to OEM customers that require high quality bonded clutch plate assemblies. Clutch plates are manufactured to print or sample. Where your require one part or one thousand parts, we can meet your requirements.

Steel Welded Plates
We used only the highest quality steel and our welders produce consistent, high quality welds that offer superior strength and reliability.
We offer gear cutting for inner hubs or outer diameters. Parts are inspected during the various processing steps to ensure parts are within tolerances and meet customer specifications.
Cast Iron Plates
We have an ample base of supply for high quality castings. Machine and gear cutting services are offered and we produce accurate, consistent parts.
Laser Cut and Stamped Plates
If you parts need to be laser cut or stamped, Midwest Brake can meet your needs. We provide cost effective, high quality stampings and laser cut parts.

Large Diameter Clutch Plates and Parts

Midwest Brake is the industry leader for large bonded clutch and brake plate assemblies. We can accommodate the largest plates of up to 114" in diameter or larger.

To produce a high quality bond on a large diameter plate, you must have the experience, personnel and equipment necessary to do the job right. Midwest Brake is the only company that can consistently produce a high quality bond, quickly and reliably.

Midwest Brake is a trusted source that can be relied on for using only the highest quality materials and consistent processing techniques to insure safe operation and trouble free operation of your machinery.