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Friction Material Manufacturing

friction material manufacturing

Friction Material

molded parts

Molded Parts

gear tooth facings

Gear Tooth Facings

molded Lining

Molded Lining

woven lining

Woven Lining

molded friction blocks

Molded Friction Blocks

cushioned friction blocks

Cushioned Friction Blocks

Whatever your friction requirements, Midwest Brake offers a solution tailored to your custom friction needs. We supply a complete line of non asbestos friction materials used in a variety of industries by original equipment manufacturers. With over thirty different friction formulations, Midwest Brake offers a variety of frictions designed to meet individual customer requirements. Midwest Brake is valued OEM supplier offering high quality, on time delivery and superior customer support.

Superior Capabilities
  • Major OEM Supplier
  • Prototype Parts
  • Small and Large Quantities
  • Engineering and Design Capabilities
  • Tooling and Mold Manufacturing
Custom Molded Parts

Molded parts for industrial applications include clutch and brake facings, gear tooth facings, molded friction blocks, disc pads, and special shapes.

Gear Tooth Facings

Our gear tooth facings hold the tightest gear tooth tolerances available in the industry. With a number of well designed friction materials that offer higher strength and durability, we can provide consistent parts that outperform the competition.

Integrally Molded Parts

Specially molded parts, disc pads where the friction material is molded into the backing plate. Grooving, inserts, special shapes and configurations.

Flat Sheets

We offer a variety of 30" x 30" flat sheets of varying thickness from 1/8" to 3"

Flexible Molded Rolls

Flexible molded material supplied in rolls or segments 13" width, thickness from 1/8" to 3/4".

Flexible Woven Rolls

Flexible woven material supplied in rolls or segments 13" width, thickness from 1/8" to 7/8". Woven, non asbestos lining. The carcass consists of brass wire inserted yarns containing a mixture of organic and inorganic fibers, including Kevlar®. Applications are brake bands and clutch bands.

Friction Blocks

Midwest Brake has extensive experience manufacturing high quality, dimensionally accurate friction blocks. Our blocks utilize high strength fibers, binders and resins to provide added strength and durability and are proven in the toughest of applications.

  • Molded Blocks
  • Machined Blocks
  • Cushioned Style Blocks
  • Tolerances +/- .002
Molded Friction Blocks

Midwest Brake holds tight tolerances, +/- .002 on molded friction blocks. We can machine, grind and machine precision grooves on all different sizes of round, square, snowman style, and triangles of virtually any size up to three inches thick.

Cushioned Style Friction Blocks

Midwest Brake developed the cushioned style block to help with machines that develop a lot impact and shock during engagement. By using a propriety cushion sandwiched between two molded blocks, this has more resistance to shearing and premature failure.