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Friction Products

The Industry Leader...

Midwest Brake has been a leading supplier of non asbestos industrial friction material and bonding technology since 1950. Our experience and proprietary processing techniques developed over 50 years have been refined and perfected to provide our customers with the best quality, most reliable friction materials and bonding services available in the market today.

Many of the recent innovations used in bonded industrial clutch and brake technology were originally developed and conceived by Midwest Brake. A dedication to continuous improvement and customer service support make us an ideal partner for your industrial braking solutions.

Proven Track Record for 50 Years...

As a market leader in the development and supply of non asbestos friction materials and bonded assemblies, the Midwest Brake has a proven track record in the development of innovative industrial braking technology. Nobody can match our experience when it comes to working with bonded friction material technology.

Friction Products and Services

Friction Material
Friction materials

A leader in the development and supply of friction material for industrial applications serving primarily original equipment manufacturers. Custom molded parts, flat sheets, gear tooth facings, friction discs, integrally molded parts, friction blocks, flexible woven rolls, flexible molded rolls.

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Industrial Brake Bonding
Industrial Brake Bonding

Midwest Brake is the premier industrial brake bonding company in North America. With over 50 years experience in thermal adhesive bonding technology. Midwest Brake provides the highest quality, most reliable brake bond available in the industry. We offer bonding, relining and remanufacturing.

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Custom Bonded Assemblies
Custom Bonded

We manufacture high quality, complete parts and bonded assemblies. Parts include clutch plates, brake bands, friction segments, friction liners, integrally molded parts, brake pads, cones, shoes, crane shoes, bonded friction blocks, slugs and segments. Laser cut, steel weldament and cast iron plates.

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relining and remanufacturing

The leader in the relining of industrial clutch and brake linings, plates, shoes and brake bands. Since 1950, Midwest Brake has serviced leading manufacturing, stamping, forging and machine tool manufacturers with superior relining and bonding products and services.

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Machined Components
machined components

We have a full machine shop ready to assist you with quick delivery on high quality clutch and brake parts including plates, shafts, flywheel wheels and other clutch and brake parts. CNC equipment, vertical turning lathes, engine lathes and machining centers.

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Riveted and Bolted Brake Bands
Riveted & Bolted

In addition to brake bonding, Midwest Brake offers riveted and bolted lining services and assembled brake bands. We are skilled in handling large quantity, multiple process brake bands that require special welding certifications, documentation and painting.

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Quality You Can Depend On...

When it comes to quality friction material and bonded brake linings, you need a company that offers the experience necessary to deliver quality product order after order, year after year. As a full service supplier, Midwest Brake has complete control over the fabricating processes. Our strict quality control and stringent attention means consistent parts and reliability you can depend on.

Fast, Reliable Deliveries...

We have a modern, fully staffed manufacturing facility with large automated press capacity and processing machinery that enables us to meet deliveries quickly and reliable.

large diameter bonding capacity
Large Diameter Bonding Capacity...

Midwest Brake is the clear choice for bonding and relining large diameter clutch plates and brake bands. Whether you have an 8000 ton forging press with 114" diameter clutch plates or need a 98" brake band lined with 3/4" friction material, we have the machinery and expertise to provide the highest quality bond available in the industry. When it comes to dealing with large mechanical clutch and brake parts, Midwest Brake is the only company you should trust.

Project Management...

Rather than outsource your part to several vendors, let Midwest Brake manage the manufacture of your entire part. Typical parts need gear, welding, machining, stress relieving, inspection and other processes that take time and expend valuable resources. Midwest Brake has a complete staff of engineering, purchasing and logistics personnel skilled in handling the details of multiple process orders. Let Midwest Brake provide you with high quality, complete parts on time.

We Service Diverse Industries...

We successfully market our products and services to many diverse industries including industrial, metalforming, stamping, forging, machine tools, material handling, cranes, hoists, oil field, marine, off highway, paper, steel, mining and many others.

A Global Supplier...

Although we are primarily a North American based supplier, we market our products globally to many different countries and regions including Japan, Korea, Australia, England, Germany, Spain, Latin America, India and others.