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Industrial Brake Bonding Services

bonding services

Bonding Services

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Bonded Clutch Plates

Midwest Brake is the premier industrial brake bonding company in North America. With over 50 years of experience with thermal adhesive bonding technology, Midwest Brake provides the highest quality, most reliable brake bond available in the industry.

When it comes to brake bonding, your need a company with a proven track record, high quality and consistent, reliable workmanship that you can trust job after job, year after year.

Bonding Capabilities
  • Superior Bonding Technology
  • Bonded Clutch and Brake Plates
  • Bonded Brake Bands
  • High Quality Parts and Service
  • Quick Turnaround
  • Reline and Remanufacturing
Thermal Adhesive Technology

Midwest Brake utilizes state of the art, thermal adhesive bonding technology. The highest quality adhesives are used to provide the strongest bond strength.

Automated Bonding Technology

State of the art bonding ovens and platen presses provide a quality bond that is consistent every time.

Computer Controlled Automation

All aspects of the bonding process are monitored and recorded by a computer controlled interface that records the cycle time, temperature and pressure during the bonding cycle. By insuring that the adhesive is properly cured and set, we set the standard in the industry for quality and reliability.


Our equipment is state of the art and provides the ability to bond clutch plates up to 114" and larger in diameter. With over 15 state of the art presses and ovens, Midwest Brake can accommodate all sizes of clutch plates and brake bands quickly and easily.


Only the highest quality industrial bonding adhesives and friction materials are used in our bonding process.


Our quality control assures that the bond and the friction material are manufactured to precise specifications 100% of the time. Lot numbers and batch numbers are stamped on the parts and recorded in the paperwork as part of our quality procedures. This provides additional assurance that every part is approved and meets specifications.