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Hydraulic Brake Increases Forge Press Uptime

When it comes to forge press clutches and brakes, Midwest Brake has the experience and value added products designed to increase machine uptime and reliability.

A major automotive supplier experienced excessive downtime on a 1300 ton forge press. The two piece brake band assembly was consistently wearing out, needed frequent adjustment and costly repairs.

The Solution - Press Pac® 2200 Series Brake Package

When it came time to expand production, a duplicate press was ordered. Midwest Brake worked with the end customer and the press builder to provide a new Press Pac® 2200 Series hydraulic, multiple disc brake unit complete with a circulating oil system.

The Result - $125,000 Annual Cost Savings

Installed in 1998, this unit has provided trouble free operation for nearly 10 years. The end customer has experienced no unplanned downtime due to the brake and eliminated any cost for repair parts. In a letter to Midwest Brake, the customer stated that a cost savings of approximately $125,000.00 per year was achieved with the new hydraulic brake system when compared to the old brake band assembly.

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