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Midwest Brake Introduces Their Largest Motor Brake

The latest Electro Shear® Model, the 8749 has brake torque ranging from 344 Lb-ft to 1708 Lb-ft. The 8749 was designed to handle the braking of your largest motor applications and taking advantage of the proven Electro Shear® design. To learn more, click "here" or call us today

Midwest Brake Installs 25 Ton Overhead Crane

Midwest Brake installed a new Street 25 ton / 15 ton auxiliary overhead crane in the main assembly bay.

This crane was installed to increase capacity and to handle larger, heavier clutch/brake drive assemblies and press components.

Additionally, it allows us to shorten the assembly time for our Press Pac© product line

The hoist brake has been equipped with the Midwest Brake Electro Shear© Motor Brake. The Electro Shear®© brake is a multiple disc, oil shear brake designed to maximize the uptime and reliability over that of the OEM style brake.