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Press Pac® 1600 Series Integral Press Drive System

Press Pac 1600

Press Pac® 1600

Press Pac 1600

Press Pac® 1600

Press Pac 1600

Press Pac® 1600

The Press Pac® 1600 Series Integral Press Drive System is a pneumatically actuated / oil cooled, multiple disc, combination clutch/brake for metal forming presses. The unit is a turnkey press drive system with the clutch/brake mounted internal of the flywheel on the driveshaft. The complete drive system includes a new flywheel, drive shaft, bracketing and circulating oils system for simple and easy conversion of your old clutch/brake drive.

Custom mounting brackets and adaptors are designed to fit the footprint of the old clutch/brake and will eliminate costly modifications and onsite machining of the press. The unit is easily adaptable to fit most geared press drive arrangements and mounting configurations.

  • Pneumatic Actuation / Oil Cooling
  • 18 Standard Clutch/Brake Models
  • Torque Range 6,667 Lbs-ft thru 120,000 Lbs-ft
  • Presses Up to 4000 Tons
  • Advanced Circulating Oil System
Press Pac® 1600 Series Benefits
Increased Production Rate

A single stroke rate of up to 90% of the continuous strokes per minute can achieved with Press Pac® 1600. Increased thermal capacity allows for more strokes per minute, more parts per hour and a substantial cost savings can easily be realized.

Increased Press Speed

The speed of the press can generally be increased up to 25% without a gear change. The thermal capacity of the Press Pac® 1600 utilizes a simple sheave change to increase the speed of your press, realize more stokes per minute and ultimately more throughput.

Longer Clutch/Brake Life

The advanced circulating oil system delivers cool oil to lubricate friction discs. Oil shear technology, the viscous shearing of oil between alternating discs, transfers torque and drive inertia resulting in less wear on the friction disc surfaces.

Maintenance Free

Press Pac® provides millions of strokes with little to no maintenance or repair requirements and thus, will lower your annual maintenance cost.

Smooth, Quiet Engagement

Noise free, cushioned engagement of oil shear technology decreases gear train wear and extends the life of press parts.

Excellent Start / Stop Capability

Precise, repeatable clutch engagement and improved stopping times are easily achieved through simple set up and adjustments in the control system. Reduced stopping times can provide faster press cycle times and improve machine productivity.

Reduced Life Cycle Costs

Achieve up to 10 years of high volume production without any press downtime or costly repairs. Press Pac®, when compared to standard dry friction clutch/brakes, eliminates costly downtime to replace damaged parts, packings and worn out brake linings and presents a substantial cost savings of the life of your machine.

ModelClutch TorqueBrake TorqueOil Tank Capacity
Integral MountedLb-ft @80 PSINm @5.52 BarLb-ftNmGallonsLiters