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Press Pac® 3200 Series Oil Shear Press Drive System

The Press Pac® 3200 Series is the 4th generation of oil shear press drives from Midwest Brake. Designed for use on new, original equipment, the 3200 Series is a hydraulic applied, oil cooled, multiple disc, combination clutch/brake unit offering increased service life through the advanced oil shear cooling technology.

Midwest Brake specializes in the design and manufacture of oil shear press drive systems for press manufacturers and new equipment installations. The Press Pac® 3200 Series is a complete line of low inertia, hydraulic, oil shear clutch/brakes designed to be easily incorporated into new press designs and new equipment. These high performance drive systems offer precise control, are virtually maintenance free, and eliminate costly downtime by utilizing advanced oil shear design technology.

Press Pac 3200

Hydraulic Brake

  • Hydraulic Actuation / Oil Cooling
  • 7 Standard Clutch/Brake Models
  • Reinforced Clutch & Reinforced Brake Models
  • Torque Range 2250 Lb-ft thru 160,000 Lb-ft
  • Soft Start / Soft Stop Control Package
  • Mounted with Keys or Locking Assemblies
  • Actuation Pressure of 800 PSI
  • Advanced Hydraulic Circulating Oil System
Press Pac® 3200 Series Benefits
Superior Heat Dissipation

Increased thermal capacity allows for more strokes per minute, more parts per hour and a substantial cost savings can easily be realized. Unit offers high cooling capacity through the advanced circulating oil system that dissipates and cools the oil. Friction discs are continually lubricated offering excellent single stroke rate performance due advanced oil shear design.

Longer Clutch/Brake Life

The advanced circulating oil system delivers cool oil to lubricate friction discs. Oil shear technology, the viscous shearing of oil between alternating discs, transfers torque and drive inertia resulting in less wear on the friction disc surfaces.

Maintenance Free

Press Pac® provides millions of strokes with little to no maintenance or repair requirements and thus, will lower your annual maintenance cost.

Smooth, Quiet Engagement

Noise free, cushioned engagement of oil shear technology decreases gear train wear and extends the life of press parts.

Excellent Start / Stop Capability

Precise, repeatable clutch engagement and improved stopping times are easily achieved through simple set up and adjustments in the control system. Reduced stopping times can provide faster press cycle times and improve machine productivity.

Reduced Life Cycle Costs

Achieve up to 10 years of high volume production without any press downtime or costly repairs. Press Pac®, when compared to standard dry friction clutch/brakes, eliminates costly downtime to replace damaged parts, packings and worn out brake linings and presents a substantial cost savings of the life of your machine.

ModelStandard Clutch TorqueReinforced Clutch TorgueStandard Brake TorqueReinforced Brake Torque