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Reduce Crane Downtime

Model 8725 Installed on a
Detroit Hoist Application

Reduce Crane Downtime

Electro Shear® installed on
Virginia Terminal

Reduce Crane Downtime

Electro Shear® Installed on
25 Ton Overhead Crane

Reduce Crane Downtime

Model 8725 Installed on a
Midwest Crane Application

Electro Shear® Brake Reduces Crane Downtime

A major steel manufacturing facility experienced severe downtime on their overhead cranes due to repeated brake failures. The old shoe brake assembly required frequent adjustment and needed costly repairs on a regular basis. The brake linings were simply wearing out too quickly and could not handle the duty cycle in a major processing application. The customer could no longer afford to maintain the current brake system and needed a retrofit solution.

The Solution - Electro Shear® Brake

The Electro Shear® brake is proven and reliable for heavy industrial production environments. Designed for high cyclic applications, the Electro Shear® offers superior heat dissipation and exceptionally long disc stack life eliminating the need to replace the worn linings. Tough, dependable AC Coil technology provides a reliable solution to old shoe brake technology.

- Superior Heat Dissipation

- Precise, Smooth Stopping

- No Adjustment Needed

- Simple, One Piece Installation