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Som Pac® 1200 Series Oil Shear Clutch/Brake

Som Pac 1200

Som Pac® 1200

The Som Pac® 1200 Series is a completely assembled, pneumatically actuated / oil cooled, multiple disc, foot mounted, clutch/brake for precise starting and stopping of indexing machinery, machine tools, conveyors, material handling equipment and automation equipment.

  • Pneumatic Actuation / Oil Cooling
  • 6 Standard Clutch/Brake Models
  • Torque Range 20 Lb-ft thru 10,000 Lb-ft
  • Hydraulic Actuation Available
  • Brake - Air Assist Available
  • Cooling Options - Standard, Fan Cooling & Water Cooling
  • Totally Enclosed System
Som Pac® 1200 Series Benefits
Increased Production Rate

Increased thermal capacity allows for more cycles per minute, more parts per hour and a substantial cost savings can easily be realized.

Longer Clutch/Brake Life

Oil shear technology, the viscous shearing of oil between alternating discs, transfers torque and drive inertia resulting in less wear on the friction disc surfaces. Oil is used to dissipate heat for fast cyclic capability.

Maintenance Free

Som Pac ® provides millions of cycles with little to no maintenance or repair requirements and thus, will lower your annual maintenance cost.

Smooth, Quiet Engagement

Noise free, cushioned engagement of oil shear technology decreases gear train wear and extends the life of press parts.

Excellent Start / Stop Capability

Precise, repeatable clutch engagement and improved stopping times are easily achieved through simple set up and adjustments in the control system. Reduced stopping times can provide faster press cycle times and improve machine productivity.

Simple Installation

Som Pac® clutch/brakes are delivered from the factory fully assembled and are easily installed The foot mounted clutch/brake is installed as one, integral piece - no loose pieces, no assembly required.