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Hydraulic Clutch/Brake Increases Stamping Press Productivity

Increase Press Productivity

Hydraulic Clutch-brake Stamping Press

Increase Press Productivity

Hydraulic Clutch-brake Stamping Press

When a major automotive manufacturing facility needed to upgrade their presses and speed up production, Midwest Brake provided the technology and engineering capability to meet their requirements.

The two 1250 ton mechanical stamping presses used dry friction, combination clutch/brakes that had been in service for many years and consistently needed costly repairs, frequent adjustment and were the cause of major press downtime in the plant.

Additionally, the old presses could not keep up with new production requirements due to the limited thermal capacity of the dry friction clutch/brakes. An increase from 7 single strokes per minute (SSPM) to 11 SSPM would be needed. (Original continuous strokes per minute was 15; thus, an increase to 18 continuous strokes per minute.)

Moreover, these presses produced parts for a popular SUV. With the presses in operation 24/7, there was limited scheduled downtime to complete the retrofit of both presses at the same time.

Clutch/Brake Conversion Scope of Work

  • Retrofit both presses with hydraulic clutch/brakes and related control system.
  • Install new main motors, belts, flywheel brakes and upgrade the controls.
  • Manufacture new guarding, modify the catwalk and install new piping for the hydraulic tank and control system.
  • Complete the entire project, turnkey, in 10 days over a holiday shutdown.

The Solution - Press Pac® Oil Shear Press Drive

The Press Pac® 2165 Integral Press Drive from Midwest Brake offers the increased thermal capacity needed along with 65,000 Lb-ft of clutch torque required for press operation.

Designed for millions of high volume production without press downtime or costly repairs, an advanced circulating oil system delivers 15 gallons per minute of oil flow through the unit to cool and lubricate sintered bronze friction discs. Thus, a simple sheave change on the main motor is all that is needed to meet the required 11 SSPM.

Due to the Press Pac®’s unique design and Midwest Brake’s nearly 40 years of experience with clutch conversions, the Midwest Brake team of field service engineers and mechanics, worked diligently to complete all the work on time. With a carefully planned installation procedure, the experienced engineers re-commissioned the press in less than 10 days. The new press drives, along with all the component parts, hydraulic tank, piping, electrical and guarding were successfully installed. These units have been running trouble free since 2003 without any unscheduled downtime or repairs.